PEREZ SOLUTIONS LLC will help you achieve your landscape dreams
with knowledge in product innovation.

These products are designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment offering pavers, edges, masonry veneer, paving slabs, and walls designed to give homeowners the ultimate in design flexibility.


Available in a variety of shapes, finishes and colors. 


Great for patios, walkways, driveways and decorative bandings. Vehicular & pedestrian friendly. This pavement is also de-icing salt resistant, withstands harsh climates and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.  ​


Wood imitation patio stone planks with anti-aging technology. Looks and feels like wood but requires no maintenance.


The Travertina Raw patio slab mimics the texture of natural travertine in a concrete material; making it a more durable option in harsher freeze-thaw climates. Pave luxurious poolsides, patios, walkways and backyards with this travertine stone alternative. This product line has enjoyed huge success and has now been improved with an ultra robust mix design, making it far more durable than the natural travertine stone alternative.

BLU 60mm

This contemporary patio stone is a best-selling option for contemporary backyards. Blu Smooth patio stones are available in a multi-piece system for pool decks, walkways & backyards. Available in different dimensions to allow for creativity in paving patterns, the Blu 60 collection with smooth texture is perfect for any modern landscape design. Choose from a large collection of colors for your pedestrian only areas such as on walkways, poolsides and patios.


Large concrete patio stone in a smooth texture for modern landscape designs. Perfect paving slab for modern poolsides and backyard design, Blu Grande Smooth is a large concrete patio stone available in multiple colors. It's smooth texture is sleek to the eye but rougher to the touch which avoids it from getting slippery when wet. The large rectangular shape works as an easy add-on into Blu 60 regular modular patterns but can also work as a stand-alone to create a very linear look. Check out the HD2 Blu Grande Smooth which is all about seamless looks with a tighter/poreless texture and anti-aging technology.


Large-scale, ultra-smooth texture and fine lines best describe the all-new Para HD. Manufactured with Techo-Bloc’s patented High Definition technology, an extremely tight surface texture with pores that are virtually invisible. The Para HD provides contemporary styling and design flexibility. Each of its three sizes are packaged and sold separately allowing your projects to reflect your personal creativity. This 60 mm product is available in a 500 mm x 250 mm, 500 mm x 500 mm and 500 mm x 750 mm. It is available in both hyper smooth and polished textures. Para is part of the dry cast collection.

BLUE 60mm

Shale Grey and Champlain Grey colors with Techo-bloc slabs